Episode 26- It’s Not About Real Estate Dum-Dum

My social psychosis continues as I try and figure out what I want to do with my little creation here. And in processing my craziness out loud I come to some conclusions. Hopefully they make any amount of sense as these conclusions will be the guideposts for the direction I will be heading.

Episode 25- Childhood Trauma?

In my continuing efforts to figure out what the hell I am doing with this show I take a trip down memory lane…I think…at least I remember it that way…but I could be wrong. Oh well all we really have of the past is our memories, and we are at best unreliable narrators of our own story.

Not that it matters, but I really do wonder how much of what I remember actually happened, how many memories of this place I call home are real?

Episode 21- Gratitude, Haiti, and I Don’t Understand Football

Happy Turkey Day and such! This episode I get a little in the weeds about gratitude and Haiti, I also touch on how little I understand football, which is very little.

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Episode 19- Halloween Special

Happy Halloween! This week I wanted to do something a little different so I give you this Halloween Special, 3 stories from one of my favorite childhood book series’

Also a very special guest storyteller comes on the show to share an original story.

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Episode 18- Cats, Corrections, and Identity Theft


What? Are you telling me I don’t know everything? Apparently I don’t and my good friend Tory comes on to tell me where I was wrong, also more things you can do to to avoid Identity Theft. She also loves Cats…like an unhealthy amount.

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Episode 17- Cancer Bites

This week I talk to Heather, Brandon and Raven of Cancer Bites about their upcoming event to raise funds for Huntsman Cancer Institute, this is one of my favorite events each year to support a fantastic cause, so y’all better listen and then show up to the event. And of course like, share subscribe and such!


For Tickets (Click the hyperlink, or go here www.eventbrite.com/cancerbites )

Cancer Bites on Facebook

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Dov Siporin on Youtube

Dov Siporin Article


Episode 15- Luv Tru – The Sequel

This week we finish up our conversation with Nate, Jason and Levi of the Luv Tru organization as they discuss what they want to accomplish as a collective and how you can get involved and help, plus plans for the future of the movement.

Find them online at Luv-Tru.com

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Episode 14- Luv Tru Part One

In this episode I chat with Nathan, Levi and Jason about their personal stories  and the circumstances that brought them together to create Luv Tru. Their stories are an interesting look at different ways that people have experienced life in Utah and I feel like we all can relate to at least one of them.

Tune in next week for Part Two where we discuss the Luv Tru movement and what they are trying to accomplish.

Find them here- LUV-TRU.com

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Episode 13- The Equifax Hack- Are We Equif**ked?

In this episode I discuss the Equifax hack and just what a big deal this really is (hint- I really think this going to have to change how we do everything online)

Also you get 2 mini rants about Data Rights and what the housing market is doing right now.

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