Episode 16- Best Time of Year to Buy or Sell a Home


Ah, the age old discussion of “When should you buy or sell?” And the answer is one of those that unfortunately sounds really “real estatey” So buckle up, because I have some strong feelings about this.

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Episode 15- Luv Tru – The Sequel

This week we finish up our conversation with Nate, Jason and Levi of the Luv Tru organization as they discuss what they want to accomplish as a collective and how you can get involved and help, plus plans for the future of the movement.

Find them online at Luv-Tru.com

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Episode 14- Luv Tru Part One

In this episode I chat with Nathan, Levi and Jason about their personal stories  and the circumstances that brought them together to create Luv Tru. Their stories are an interesting look at different ways that people have experienced life in Utah and I feel like we all can relate to at least one of them.

Tune in next week for Part Two where we discuss the Luv Tru movement and what they are trying to accomplish.

Find them here- LUV-TRU.com

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Episode 13- The Equifax Hack- Are We Equif**ked?

In this episode I discuss the Equifax hack and just what a big deal this really is (hint- I really think this going to have to change how we do everything online)

Also you get 2 mini rants about Data Rights and what the housing market is doing right now.

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Episode 12 Am I An Imposter? (Ch…ch…ch…Changes)


Doing a podcast is an interesting thing, and sometimes you learn some things about yourself that you might not like. This happened to me and I felt like some changes were in order. Stay with me guys, it’s only better from here.

Episode 11- Jerry Hardesty Fine Art

This week I am speaking with Jerry Hardesty, after surviving brushes with death multiple times, Jerry turned to art as therapy and has turned this therapy into a career as a professional artist. We discuss Jerry’s Utah story and some specific artwork and how he finds inspiration for his art.

You can find Jerry’s work at www.JerryHardestyStudio.com





Artwork discussed in this episode













Flying Too Close To The Sun











Also Discussed-

Moon Hooch Videos

Cattle Dance Party

Milk and Waffles

Episode 10- How are you? Fine. BULLS#%T!!

I am nervous, because in this episode I am just going to talk about myself and i open up a bit about how not great I have been doing, but also what I did that helped, I say it a couple of times but I’m not sure how this is going to go but I trust y’all.

I also talk about some of the reasons we lie about our personal condition, we all do it, even if we think we don’t we do. So really we are all liars to some degree.

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Articles Mentioned
Are You Sure You’re Okay?

Why We Lie

Episode 09- Are Utahns the Worst/Best Drivers?

On this episode I discuss a fairly contentious topic…are Utahns in fact the worst drivers in the country? It seems that depends on who you ask. Are Utahns aggressive drivers because we have a culture of politeness of passive aggression? For me that was the more interesting question.

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Utah ranks on list of states with most polite drivers

Passive-aggression among the Latter-day Saints


Episode 08- Luke Watkins and the Gratitude Video Journal

This time around I talk to my friend Luke Watkins who runs the Gratitude Video Journal Page on Facebook. Luke has a fascinating Utah Story and has done some remarkable things with his life and one of the core beliefs that have allowed him a lot of success in life is that gratitude has real power. Listen up, cause Luke knows of what he speaks. You can find his facebook page here


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Episode 07- That Time I Got Airlifted Off Mt Olympus

I had an interesting experience last week, wherein I broke myself, and had to be helicoptered of a mountain.

View From the top

My Rescue Chopper

Yup, That’s a busted up leg.

Ready For Surgery

Healing Up

Check It Out I’m Bionic!