Episode 23- Charlie Brown Is My Spirit Animal

Sometimes we don’t get all the things done, sometimes that happens around the Holidays, so sometimes we decide we’ll “get around to it.” This holiday season has been one of those times for me, so here is a quick episode.

I have always felt a special kinship with Charlie Brown, so I thought I’d tell you guys about it, because really life is about the little moments, and my Charlie Brown-ness sometimes gets in the way.

Sorry for being late, This will be the last episode of the year, I didn’t even have time to edit it so you get some raw weird Keithness. See y’all in January!


Episode 22- Silicon Slopes Is A Stupid Name


Yes, I really think it is a stupid name. But I also think the growth of tech industry jobs is an overall positive for our community. Today I talk to Kevin Ernst about his Utah Story, the tech industry, and what he sees in the future. He also takes credit for the current housing inventory crisis.

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Episode 20- What’s The Point?

Recently a good number of people have been asking why I do this thing… what’s the point? What’s the podcast even about? It’s a weird thing because the whole concept is a little bit “thinky.”

So I sat back in my chair and lazily tried to describe to you the fabulous listener what it’s all about and why I am going to keep on releasing this thing. (Hint- part if it is that I love talking)

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Episode 16- Best Time of Year to Buy or Sell a Home


Ah, the age old discussion of “When should you buy or sell?” And the answer is one of those that unfortunately sounds really “real estatey” So buckle up, because I have some strong feelings about this.

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Episode 12 Am I An Imposter? (Ch…ch…ch…Changes)


Doing a podcast is an interesting thing, and sometimes you learn some things about yourself that you might not like. This happened to me and I felt like some changes were in order. Stay with me guys, it’s only better from here.

Episode 11- Jerry Hardesty Fine Art

This week I am speaking with Jerry Hardesty, after surviving brushes with death multiple times, Jerry turned to art as therapy and has turned this therapy into a career as a professional artist. We discuss Jerry’s Utah story and some specific artwork and how he finds inspiration for his art.

You can find Jerry’s work at www.JerryHardestyStudio.com





Artwork discussed in this episode













Flying Too Close To The Sun











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