Episode 10- How are you? Fine. BULLS#%T!!

I am nervous, because in this episode I am just going to talk about myself and i open up a bit about how not great I have been doing, but also what I did that helped, I say it a couple of times but I’m not sure how this is going to go but I trust y’all.

I also talk about some of the reasons we lie about our personal condition, we all do it, even if we think we don’t we do. So really we are all liars to some degree.

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Articles Mentioned
Are You Sure You’re Okay?

Why We Lie

Episode 09- Are Utahns the Worst/Best Drivers?

On this episode I discuss a fairly contentious topic…are Utahns in fact the worst drivers in the country? It seems that depends on who you ask. Are Utahns aggressive drivers because we have a culture of politeness of passive aggression? For me that was the more interesting question.

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Utah ranks on list of states with most polite drivers

Passive-aggression among the Latter-day Saints


Episode 08- Luke Watkins and the Gratitude Video Journal

This time around I talk to my friend Luke Watkins who runs the Gratitude Video Journal Page on Facebook. Luke has a fascinating Utah Story and has done some remarkable things with his life and one of the core beliefs that have allowed him a lot of success in life is that gratitude has real power. Listen up, cause Luke knows of what he speaks. You can find his facebook page here


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Episode 07- That Time I Got Airlifted Off Mt Olympus

I had an interesting experience last week, wherein I broke myself, and had to be helicoptered of a mountain.

View From the top

My Rescue Chopper

Yup, That’s a busted up leg.

Ready For Surgery

Healing Up

Check It Out I’m Bionic!

Episode 06- Dixie Garrison and Public Education


All my life I have made certain assumptions about public education and our public educators so I am very excited I had the chance to sit down with Principal Dixie Garrison of West Jordan Middle School about some of my misconceptions and what challenges our public education system faces.

This was a very enlightening conversation for me and of course I hope you guys enjoy it.

Episode 05 Dear Lord, Am I Old?-Reunions-Liberty Park

Soooo, forgive me for getting a little (well a lot) self indulgent. In this episode I discuss the mysteries of feeling old, and get a little too self reflective in the process. I also try and figure out if I am too old to play in a band (no, the answer is no) and talk briefly about Liberty Park, which I recently re-discovered.

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Episode 04 Josh Oman of Black Omen Comics

I had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Oman of Black Omen comics about life in Utah and his absolutely stunning projects Valkyrie Falls and Purge Worlds. Along the way we discuss Angel’s Landing and Feminism (all in the same conversation I know) You can find Black Omen comics here;



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Episode 03 WTH is going on with the Real Estate Market

It really feels like deja vu right now and a lot of people are scared we’re in for another massive real estate bubble. I don’t think this is the case and in this episode I will tell you why.

Because well, that’s what I do.

Episode 02 Wherein I Talk Some More

As we continue our intrepid hero’s journey into the abyss he will discuss more stuff and if you hang on until the end you can hear about a $0.00 check from a now disappeared movie house.

Also what I think I really want for my kids.